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SOS Roadside Assistance is your 24-hour motor vehicle breakdown service. It applies to the insured vehicle, not the driver, so it doesn't matter who is using it at the time.

Whether you travel locally or you’re touring the country, it pays to have someone to call on in case the unexpected happens when you’re on the road. Your SOS Roadside Assistance programme provides you with up to 6 callouts per year, to access their help, phone 0800 503 502 and simply quote your vehicle registration number.

Please take a moment to read through the full range of services covered by the SOS Roadside Assistance programme.

Unlike other programs where the policy holder has to be in the vehicle during a breakdown, the Club Auto SOS Assistance program covers your vehicle irrespective of who is driving, providing peace of mind that your vehicle will not be stranded on the roadside in the event of a breakdown occurring.

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